Round up from the garden

lunchtime robinIt’s still busy in the garden with a constant flurry of birds on the feeders and on the ground too.  The young dunnocks hop happily about in amongst the undergrowth. We have a few young robins one of which still has his speckly juvenile coloured head, but showing a nice red chest now too.  The 3 young bullfinches are growing well, and appear to be larger than their parents now.

The blackbirds are still very regular visitors to the garden, and we think that 2 pairs are on their third brood. The greenfinch and goldfinch population seems to have doubled with all their young joining in for the constant snacking at the garden cafe too.  We’ve gone back to using live mealworms once again, and enjoy watching robin pop down for a quick snack, and also admire how the blackbird manages to line up so many in his beak in a neat formation before taking them back to the nest.

young blackbird

mrs bullfinch

blackbird and mealworms


  1. You certainly have a lot of Goldfinches visiting. I have one pair who started visiting this year but no signs of any young ones.
    The Blackbirds really are past masters at gathering the maximum amount of food in their beaks.

  2. goldcrest23

    Thanks John. Yes, another good year it seems for goldfinches who appear now to be much more numerous than greenfinches.

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    In this blog we'll describe the day to day comings and goings of the birds in our Devon garden.
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