Bullfinch and young

Bullfinch and youngster

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment for a couple of weeks now. We have 2 friendly male bullfinches and a female bullfinch who have been coming into the garden over the last few months, gradually getting more confident and instead of using the feeders at the end of the garden, now coming up nearer to the feeders by the house. We saw a quick glimpse this morning of a parent and the youngster, but only for a fleeting moment. This afternoon I filled up the seed in the ‘playpen’ as we now call it (a hanging mesh tray feeder which seems popular with parents to have their young sit in whilst they go on the search for food! Been widely used by the blue tit family and starlings too amongst others).
Anyway, this afternoon, in the rain, one of the parents came down for a nibble on the sunflower seeds and along with them was the young bullfinch too!


  1. I took a liberty to view all your bird photos on this blog, wow you have so much happening, and it is all from backyard. Very nice blog too. Anna 🙂

  2. goldcrest23

    Thanks Anna, yes the garden is packed with young birds at the moment. See from you lovely blog that we share a few species – starling and sparrow – however be nice to see some of the birds you have like cardinals and juncos.

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