2008 Highlights – Brambling

The winter of 2007/8 appeared good for Brambling across the UK and we were lucky enough to have a resident female for a few weeks in January. Although superficially like a chaffinch, to which they are closely related, the bird displayed its distinctive brilliant white rump while feeding on our nut feeders and, on closer viewing, revealed its delicate orange washed breast and dark mottled back.

Bramblings are winter migrants from Scandanavia and, to a smaller degree, Russia. Their winter population in the UK varies with the quantities of beech mast (beech seeds) available. If there is a poor crop in Europe and a decent crop here up to two million birds may make the flight across the North Sea. Conversely, good beech mast supplies in Europe may lead to as few as 50,000 birds present. Male bramblings, like their chaffinch relatives, tend to winter further north and east, leaving the females to travel further, hence the gender of the bird in our garden.

While ours seemed to enjoy feeding on one of our wire mesh peanut feeders, they are primarily ground feeders and are said to enjoy a scattering of peanut granules and mixed seed.

For more information there’s an article by Chris Mead here.


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