2008 Highlights – Blackcap

Blackcap was a new visitor to the garden, with a female appearing on 3 January and staying for a few weeks. This winter we’ve had regular visits from a male blackcap, who enjoys feeding on the birdcake we provide.

Fifty years ago only a few blackcaps ever used to winter in the UK, but over recent decades increasing numbers have appeared in gardens, especially in southern England where 31% of gardens in a BTO study hosted the species in 2003/4.

Intriguingly these birds are from Germany and Austria and have taken to migrating north and west rather than taking their previously traditional migrations southwest to Iberia. This change of behaviour may have been encouraged by the increasingly easy availability of food in our gardens and milder winters.

In spring, UK wintering birds are the first to arrive back in their breeding grounds. Work by Peter Berthold, Stuart Bearhop and others has revealed that these birds tend to breed amongst themselves and are generally more successful than birds returning later from south west Europe. This may explain why we are seeing this migratory behaviour spreading through the population. Ultimately it may lead to speciation, an interesting example of evolution in action over a very short space of time.

See article here for further reading.


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