We live in Ipplepen, a village just south of Newton Abbot in Devon. Our garden is about forty yards long and fifteen wide, narrowing and rising slightly along its length. It features a lawn, flower beds, a gravel area outside the kitchen, a sprawling compost heap and an old greenhouse. A number of trees give the area height and ample cover.

We’ve been feeding birds regularly for well over a year now, and have a variety of bird feeders, a bird table and a small bird bath. Currently we have three hanging feeders providing sunflower hearts, three feeders with peanuts and one with nyger seed. Alongside these we also have hanging fat feeders and a bird table for loose seed and kitchen scraps.

To date we’ve counted twenty four species in the garden, counting only those birds that land. Our most numerous visitors are goldfinches and greenfiches and most days we can easily count over ten species.

In this blog, over the coming months, we’ll describe our birds in more detail, their comings and goings and how we encourage them in to our garden. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. I enjoyed reading through your blog and learning about bird species that are totally new to me. It’s great that you have a garden list and provide food that will attract a wide variety of birds. That only birds landing in your garden may be counted no doubt adds a sense of fun and adventure the the educational experience for the boys. Willing the Fieldfare over from the neighbors apple tree must have provided a few tense moments.

  2. goldcrest23

    Hi Marvin, thanks for the comment, and greetings to you over there in the Ozarks! Yes, I presume there’s not many bird species we share, though you may have house sparrows and starlings locally? all the best, Tony

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  • About

    In this blog we'll describe the day to day comings and goings of the birds in our Devon garden.
  • About us

    Tony is a naturalist and environmental artist. Laura is a free range creative web and print designer. We've recently moved from the village of Ipplepen to the town of Newton Abbot with our two children Ralph and Oli, our dog Henry, and numerous cats (none of whom would ever dream of eating birds).
  • Species List

    List of species, including only those birds that land in the garden:
    Blue tit
    Carrion Crow
    Chiff chaff
    Coal tit
    Collared dove
    Great spotted woodpecker
    Great tit
    House Sparrow
    Long tailed tit
    Mistle thrush
    Pied wagtail
    Song thrush
    Wood pigeon

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